Why Screen Printing Services Have Become So Valuable


Do you often visit the latest t-shirt websites in search of cool t-shirts? Do you find the graphics to be really unique? They are so colourful and bright, isn’t it? Do you know how the printing is done? Most of the companies that are involved in selling graphic t-shirts or other apparels make use of the screen printing services. This is one of the most popular methods of printing custom designs on t-shirts. Not just custom designs, almost any graphical design can be printed on a t-shirt with the help of screen printing. The companies use a good quality printer and once the design of the graphics and the colours are decided, the printer is set up with the respective design and colour.

The t-shirt is printed as if the design is just stamped on it. There is a square-shaped tile structure that is kept just above the t-shirt. This area has the design and colours filled in. When the temperature of the printer is appropriate to print on the t-shirt, the square structure is placed on top of the t-shirt to deliver the printed design.

Benefits of screen printing 

Modern printing techniques have enabled many companies to try different methods of printing on t-shirts and other fabric. Some of the other techniques of printing that are used apart from screen printing are dye sublimation, DTG or direct to garments, vinyl cutting, and heat press printing. However, screen printing has turned out to be the most effective among all the other techniques. Please, not that  Cover for your mortgage may be necessary if your screen printing company is run from home.

1.   Versatile 

Have you noticed that the graphic design of the t-shirts tend to break and you can pick on it and throw it away after washing the t-shirt for a few times? This happens when the printing quality is poor. The printing technique is not versatile and that is why the graphic design does not stick well on the fabric that is used. Even if you use a good quality cotton t-shirt, the design will eventually come off after a few months. Screen printing services are different when it comes to versatility. You can use this printing on any material like fabric or metal or wood or plastic, and you will get a good print every single time. Much of the credit should go to the printing mechanism and the printer that is used.

2.   Lasts for a long time 

When you buy a graphic t-shirt, you would want to wear it at least for the next two years. But if the graphic design starts to wear off, will you want to wear that t-shirt again? No, you won’t. However, when you buy a t-shirt or any product that has screen printing on it, you can be assured that that product will retain the print for years. The thickness and composition are two factors that separate screen printing services from others. All the designs that are placed and used in this method have the ability to withstand more stress than any other printing method without affecting the quality of the print.

3.   Price of the product 

One of the reasons why screen printing services have become so popular among new business owners is that the price of screen printing on bulk products is really low. So, as an entrepreneur, you can easily start a business of selling t-shirts online by getting graphic t-shirts printed with this method. Most of the companies that provide screen printing on products prefer to have bulk quantities so that the ink can be utilized to its fullest. That is why it becomes expensive if you want to get a single t-shirt printed with the screen printing method. As someone who has just started a business and wants to keep the price of the t-shirts low, make sure you opt for screen printing because that will allow you to earn a reasonable margin of profit even with the low price of the products.

4.   Overall quality 

Another reason why screen printing is so much in demand is the overall appearance of the product is improved after the printing is done. If you compare the quality of a graphic t-shirt that has been printed with a screen printer and another t-shirt that has been printed with a different technique, you will clearly understand the difference in quality. The quality of the print is so genuine that you will feel as if it came with the fabric or the respective material. Most people think that screen printing is expensive because of the quality of the print that it is able to deliver. The reality is quite different though. Screen printing offers amazing quality print at a very low price when you place a bulk order.

5.  Easy process 

The process followed during screen printing is pretty simple. You only have to change the graphics and colour every time you want to print a different design. The rest will be done by the printer itself. Starting from the distribution of colour to printing the design on the fabric or product, everything is operated inside the printer. You can change the settings manually to make sure that the ink is distributed evenly on all the parts of the design.

6.   Better graphics 

There is a stark difference the graphics of a screen printer and that of other printers. The main reason behind this is the greater thickness of the ink that is used in the screen printing technique. Each and every ink that is used has a measured thickness. You can either set the thickness manually or the printer can do it automatically. The results of the ink distribution are even more interesting. Each and every screen printer has a unique technology that allows even distribution of the ink on all the parts of the design. If there is a part when no colours should be used, the printer will ignore that part during the printing process.

Overall, screen t-shirt printing is here to stay for decades. There will be no decline in the demand for graphic t-shirts and when there is a constant flow of demand, screen printing services are bound to be used, especially with so many benefits.